Factory direct SMD tantalum capacitors original spot

USD 1 / Piece
MOQ 4000 Piece
Price USD 1 / Piece
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Pagooda Technology

Guangdong, China

Established: 2010

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Product information

SMD tantalum capacitor error: K=±10% M=±20%
SMD tantalum capacitor voltage: 6.3V~50V
Series: T510, 293D, T494, T495, TAJ, TPS, 593D, TCFG...
SMD tantalum capacitor capacity: 0.1μF~1000μF
Chip tantalum capacitor volume: Type A (3.2×1.6) Type B (3.5×2.8) Type C (6.0×2.5)
D type (7.3×4.3) E type (7.8×4.5)
SMD tantalum capacitors: A, B, 2000pcs per plate, C, D, E, 500pcs per plate, E2, V, 400pcs per plate
Characteristics of SMD Tantalum Capacitors:
1. Ultra-miniature products;
2. With three-layer electrode structure;
3. High reliability, wide temperature range;
4. Suitable for automatic placement machine installation.
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Sample Policy : Yes
Packaging Info : Plate mount

Product Specification

Model Number : TAJ、TPS、T494、T495、T510、293D、593D、TCFG
Color : All series
Size : TAJ、TPS、T494、T495、T510、293D、593D、TCFG
Weight : 0.3kg

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