Free samples of factory direct SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors

USD 1 / Piece
MOQ 4000 Piece
Price USD 1 / Piece
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Pagooda Technology

Guangdong, China

Established: 2010

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Product information

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor specifications:
1. Package size includes 0405, 0504, 0605, 0607, 0810, 1010
2. The capacitance specifications are in stock from 0.1UF to 470UF, and the conventional specifications are available, and customized services are specially launched. We can meet the capacitance values you want!
3. The voltage is 4V~400V
4. Errors include J±5%, K±1%, M±20%
Filtering, energizing, coupling, starting, etc.
Mainly used in: power supply products, lighting equipment, automotive electronics, intelligent electronic products, network communication equipment automation equipment, etc.
Standard RVT series SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Operating temperature range: -55℃~+105℃
2000 hours rated
Working voltage: 4V ~100V DC
Electric capacity range: 0.1uf~1500uf
Capacitance tolerance: ±20% (120HZ. 20℃)
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Sample Policy : Yes
Packaging Info : Plate mount

Product Specification

Model Number : 0405、0504、0605、0607、0810、1010
Color : All series
Size : 0405、0504、0605、0607、0810、1010
Weight : 0.3kg

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