Natural Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder, chaga mushroom extract

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Product information

Name:chaga extract
Appearance :Brown fine powder
Specification Available: Polysccharide 10%-50% 5:1 &10:1
Test Method: UV/HPLC

Description of chaga extract:
Wild Chaga Extract is an irregularly shaped mushroom that commonly grows in northern regions on birch, alder and beech trees. It is not cultivated but wild crafted. It has been used for centuries in Russia as a cancer cure, often stomach and lung cancer, as well as for common stomach ailments such as gastritis, ulcers and general pain. Water decoctions have even been used in colonics for lower bowel problems.
Preparations from chaga can be applied as an active biogenic stimulators, which increase protective forces of human body, stimulate the central nervous and neurohumoral (they increase the activity of ) systems of organism, improve metabolism including activation of metabolism in cerebral tissue, regulate the activity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems, stimulate the homogeny (increase the level of leukocytes), act as the over-all strengthening means, increase the resistibility of organism to the infectious diseases, possess antipyretic properties during the internal and local application, strengthen the cytostatic activity of antitumorigenic preparations, detains increase of tumors, causes their gradual regression and slows down the development of metastases, i.e. they themselves possess cytostatic action.
In this case the health of patients considerably improves, their fitness for work is restored and general tone rises.
The chaga mushroom is considered a medicinal mushroom in Russian and Eastern European folk medicine and research on its medicinal potential is ongoing.

1. Chaga mushroom extract can be used to treat of diabetes.
2. Chaga mushroom extract has effection of inhibit malignant cells.
3. Chaga mushroom extract benefits to anti-aging.
4. Chaga mushroom extract inhibit the infectious virus
5. Chaga mushroom extract can beusede to prevent high blood.
6. Chaga mushroom extract can improve and prevent allergic cortex.

Chaga Extract has been used to remedy in the treatment of stomach-intestinal tract diseases and as a palliative remedy for tumours of different location.
Chaga Extract is used to cure skin diseases, especially in the case when they are combined with inflammatory diseases of the stomach-intestinal tract, liver and
biliary colic.

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