Pure Organic Indian Turmeric Powder - Golden Essence

Pure Organic Indian Turmeric Powder - Golden Essence

USD 5.99 / Kilogram
Place Of Origin India
MOQ 1000 Kilogram
Price USD 5.99 / Kilogram
HS Code 09103030
Category Agro & Agriculture Agriculture Products Processing

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GA Exim

India Maharashtra, India

Year Established: 2024

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  • Exporter

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Pure Organic Indian Turmeric Powder - Golden Essence

Indian turmeric powder, originating from the Curcuma longa plant, boasts vibrant color and health benefits. Its active compound, curcumin, renowned for anti-inflammatory properties, enhances dishes worldwide.

From curries to skincare, turmeric's versatility captivates. Its golden hue adds warmth and flavor to culinary creations while potentially boosting wellness. Embrace quality turmeric for true essence and explore its transformative power in the kitchen.

Discover the Gold in Your Spice Rack: Turmeric Powder Unveiled
Tantalizing, aromatic, and bursting with vibrant color, turmeric powder is a culinary treasure that transcends its role as a mere spice. Originating from the Curcuma longa plant, this golden-hued powder has adorned kitchens and herbal remedies for centuries, offering a myriad of flavors and health benefits.

The Golden Essence:
At the heart of turmeric's charm lies its active compound, curcumin, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This makes turmeric not only a culinary delight but also a revered ingredient in traditional medicine.

A Splash of Color in Every Dish:
Adding a dash of turmeric powder to your culinary creations not only imparts a warm, earthy flavor but also elevates the visual appeal of your dishes. From vibrant curries to golden-hued rice, turmeric is a versatile spice that dances on the taste buds and the eyes alike.

Health from the Spice Aisle:
Turmeric is celebrated for its potential health benefits. It has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties, potential to boost brain function, and even its role in aiding digestion. Incorporating turmeric powder into your diet can be a simple yet impactful way to embrace wellness.

Global Culinary Fusion:
Beyond its roots in traditional Indian cuisine, turmeric has found its way into global kitchens. From Southeast Asian curries to trendy golden lattes in Western cafes, turmeric's versatility knows no bounds. Its warm, slightly bitter taste can complement both sweet and savory dishes, offering a unique and exotic touch to your favorite recipes.

Choosing Quality Turmeric:
When selecting turmeric powder, consider factors like curcumin content, origin, and processing methods. Opting for high-quality, pure turmeric ensures you experience the true essence of this golden spice.

Golden Rules in the Kitchen:
Experimenting with turmeric in your cooking? Start with small amounts, as its flavor can be intense. You'll be surprised at how a pinch can transform a dish. And don't forget the added health benefits you're sprinkling in!

Turmeric powder is more than a spice; it's a golden invitation to explore new flavors, enhance your well-being, and add a touch of warmth to your culinary adventures. Embrace the richness of turmeric – the golden gem in your spice rack that's ready to elevate your dishes to new heights.

Country of Origin: India
Sample Policy:
Payment Terms: 70% Advance & 30% Irreversible LC
Packaging Info: 30kg pp bag

Product Specification

Color : Yellow
Weight : 30 kg
Grade : A grade

Product Usages

Turmeric powder finds diverse applications across various industries due to its vibrant color, distinctive flavor, and potential health benefits. Here are some notable uses in different sectors:

1. Culinary Industry:
Spices and Seasonings: Turmeric powder is a key ingredient in many spice blends, adding color and depth to dishes.
Curries and Stews: A staple in Indian cuisine, turmeric is a primary spice in curry powders and is used in a variety of stews and sauces.

2. Food and Beverage:
Coloring Agent: Turmeric's intense yellow color makes it a natural food coloring agent, commonly used in products like mustards, pickles, and sauces.
Turmeric Lattes and Teas: The trend of golden lattes and turmeric teas in the health and wellness sector has popularized its use in the beverage industry.

3. Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals:
Curcumin Supplements: Extracted from turmeric, curcumin is used in the production of dietary supplements known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Traditional Medicine: Turmeric has a long history in traditional medicine, particularly in Ayurveda, and is used for various health purposes.

4. Cosmetics and Skincare:
Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties make it a sought-after ingredient in skincare products, helping with conditions like acne and inflammation.
Skin Brightening: Used for its skin-brightening effects, turmeric is found in facial masks, creams, and cleansers.

5. Textiles:
Dyeing Agent: Turmeric has been used as a natural dye in the textile industry, imparting a yellow color to fabrics.

6. Biomedical Research:
Medicinal Research: The compounds in turmeric, particularly curcumin, are subjects of ongoing biomedical research for their potential in treating various diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative conditions, and cardiovascular issues.

7. Agriculture:
Plant Health: Turmeric has been explored for its potential as a natural pesticide due to its antimicrobial properties, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

8. Cleaning and Detergents:
Stain Removal: The color properties of turmeric make it useful as a natural stain remover in some cleaning products.

Turmeric powder's versatility extends beyond the kitchen, showcasing its importance in various sectors. Its natural properties make it a valuable resource for not only adding flavor and color but also contributing to health and wellness in different applications.

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Supplier Info :

GA Exim

Maharashtra, India

Year Established: 2024

Business Type:

  • Exporter

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  • Pure Organic Indian Turmeric Powder - Golden Essence
  • Pure Organic Indian Turmeric Powder - Golden Essence

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