RT10-C Portable Rail Flaw Dection Push Cart

USD 10000 / Sets
MOQ 1 Sets
Price USD 10000 / Sets
Category Security & Protection Safety & Security Equipments
+1 5109725886

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Ultra Instrument Inc

California, United States

Established: 2007

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  • Manufacturer

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Product information

RT10-C is a hand push portable rail flaw detector. It offers both A-scan and B-scan with B-scan as the recommended testing mode. B-scan is continuously recordable and is driven by shaft encoder. With a pulse every 3 mm and properly configured 9 channel wheel probe, the system provides the most reliable rail flaw detection. Windows user interfaces are built in the instrument. The operation of the instrument is essentially like the operation of a high speed testing vehicle, the operator can even put icons on the screen. With high brightness LCD screen and operation range from -30oC ~80oC (-22oF~122oF), the instrument can operate in most tough environment. The instrument has the following specification.

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