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B2BMAP Product Directory Showcase Fabrics made from weaving or knitting fibers together. They can be made from natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, silk, or linen, or from synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic. Fabrics are used to make a wide range of products, including clothing, bedding, upholstery, and curtains.

List of common types of fabrics:

  • Cotton: a soft, breathable fabric that is easy to care for and widely used in clothing, bedding, and home decor.
  • Polyester: a synthetic fabric that is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying, often used in sportswear and outdoor clothing.
  • Silk: a luxurious and delicate fabric that is smooth and shiny, commonly used in formal clothing and accessories.
  • Wool: a warm and durable fabric that is naturally moisture-wicking and commonly used in winter clothing and blankets.
  • Linen: a lightweight and breathable fabric that is often used in summer clothing and home decor.
  • Rayon: a versatile fabric that can mimic the look and feel of silk, cotton, or wool, commonly used in dresses and blouses.
  • Nylon: a synthetic fabric that is strong and lightweight, often used in activewear and swimwear.
  • Velvet: a soft and plush fabric with a distinctive pile that is commonly used in formal clothing and home decor.
  • Denim: a sturdy cotton fabric with a distinctive weave, commonly used in jeans and casual clothing.
  • Leather: a durable and flexible material made from animal hides, often used in jackets, shoes, and accessories.

Fabrics are classified based on their weight, weave, and texture. The weight of a fabric refers to how heavy or light it is, and is measured in ounces per square yard. The weave of a fabric refers to how the fibers are interlaced together, and can affect the fabric's durability, strength, and appearance. The texture of a fabric refers to how it feels to the touch, and can be smooth, rough, or somewhere in between.

Fabrics can also be dyed or printed with different colors and patterns to add visual interest. Different types of fabrics can have unique properties, such as moisture-wicking, flame retardant, or stretchy. By using our b2b marketplace, buyers and importers now source all types of fabrics products directly from manufacturers, suppliers and worldwide exporters.

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