MAC-G320 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine

MAC-G320 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine

USD 10000 / Piece
Place Of Origin China
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Price USD 10000 / Piece
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Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering CO. Ltd.

China Hubei, China

Year Established: 2007

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  • Manufacturer

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MAC-G320 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine

MAC-G320 automatic mold flux feeding system is a new generation product of automatic adding mold flux, which is independently developed by Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. According to different steel grades, casting speed, vibration and other process parameters, then the system can analyze and calculate the accurate mold flux addition amount through intelligent software. Then the system sends out signals to control the mold flux addition process and mold flux addition amount, and designs appropriate nozzles and propellers according to the fluidity of molten steel in the mold and the ductility of mold flux. After the system setting is completed, there is no manual intervention is required. It completely replaces the whole process of manual addition of mold flux, and realizes the automation of mold flux addition.

The features of the system
1. The system automatically controls the amount, process and time of adding mold flux according to the process requirements of automatic mold flux addition, so as to maintain the physical state of the mold flux and prevent it from being broken.

2. The user can match different parameters according to actual needs, so as to change the length of the mold flux feeding time and the amount of mold flux, which can suit for the use of different sections and different casting speeds.

3. The casting speed signal is used and the amount of adding mold flux can be automatically adjusted according to the casting speed. The mold flux can be added timely and evenly, which can improve the quality of the billet and reduce labor intensity.

4. The time is controlled by PLC, no manual intervention is required. The adjustment is very convenient. It has manual, automatic, local and remote control modes.

5. The system has reliable performance and simple structure, and can be adapted to powder and granular mold flux.

6. It has a special anti-blocking nozzle and backflushing design to overcome the phenomenon of pipeline blockage.

7. Strong operability, simple and convenient maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

8. It can maintain the even distribution of the flux layer in the mold.

The composition of the system
The system consists of feeding trolley, feeding bucket, swing arm and feeder motor, swing arm transmission device, PLC and control equipment.

1. The feeding trolley is the support and walking equipment of the mold flux feeder. The basic equipment of the adding mold flux machine is installed on the feeding trolley. At the same time, the trolley can easily make the mold flux feeder walk to the working position or the parking position.

2. The feeding bucket is a device for holding mold flux. The mold flux is pre-filled in the feeding bucket and is evenly output through the feeder. The feeding bucket is provided with alarm contact of mold flux level limit..

3. The swing arm and the feeder motor form a feeding and conveying device. The mold flux is evenly transmitted to the feed opening at the front end of the swing arm through the screw distributing device controlled by the motor. Then the mold flux can be used for mold distribution.

4. PLC and control equipment adjust and control the mold flux feeding speed, operation mode and control mode of the mold flux feeding machine, and realize various control modes and rates.

5. The swing arm transmission device controls the reciprocating motion of the swing arm according to the size of different molds, so that the mold flux is evenly distributed in the mold.

The technical parameter
Mold width: 500-2000mm
Mold thickness: 100-500mm
Type: screw conveying type mold flux feeding machine
Heating method: stirring electric heating
Arrangement location: on the pouring platform (with its own wheels to move)
Adding capacity: 0.5~7.5L/min, continuously adjustable feeding tube
Molding flux storage tank: ~125 L, with material level detection and alarm

Control mode: local/remote control, automatic /manual mode
Molding flux type: granular flux or powder flux
flux adding method: spiral swing adding flux
Casting speed interlock: yes
Mould size setting: yes
Signal transmission: DP/Industrial Ethernet

Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering CO., Ltd.
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Country of Origin: China
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Packaging Info: carton
Delivery Info: 30 days

Product Specification

Model Number : MAC-G320

Product Usages

machinery ; metal metallugy machinery

Product Keywords: mould powder feeding system, automatic mould powder feeding system, powder moulding

Supplier Info :

Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering CO. Ltd.

Hubei, China

Year Established: 2007

Business Type:

  • Manufacturer

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MAC-G320 Automatic Mold Flux Feeding Machine
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