High-voltage chip capacitors chip capacitors capacitors

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Pagooda Technology

Guangdong, China

Established: 2010

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Product information

The main parameters of our products are:
★ There are 6 kinds of conventional withstand voltage specifications of 250V, 500V, 630V, 1000V, 2000V, 3000V
★ The normal capacitance value range is 1pF~100nF, the higher the withstand voltage, the lower the capacitance value that can be achieved, so individual capacitance values cannot be achieved
★ Generally use NPO or X7R these two materials
★ High-voltage chip capacitor packages are relatively large, and the supplied package specifications are 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, and 1825.

Sample Policy : Yes
Packaging Info : Plate mount

Product Specification

Model Number : 0805、1206、1210、1812、1825

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