Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper

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MOQ 105 Pieces
Price USD 1 / Pieces
HS Code YOMO-E400
Category Security & Protection Security Products
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Guangdong, China

Established: 1997

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  • Exporter
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Product information

Product Description
Mobile Phone Display Security with alarm and gripper is not the most beautiful design item for our customers,but is the right for them.

As we all know,what our customers need is loss prevention,the best customer experience,enhance the brand image.

Considering all the factors,we design this small and simple body,which let the mobile phone become the hero,not security device.

On the other hand,we design the gripper to lock the mobile the mobile phone will not be easily lost when we combine the alarm and mechanical security features.

When the shoppers experience the mobile phone,they can freely touch in the open display enviroment.






Android,iPhone,Type C


ABS and Aluminum Alloy

Available Colors

Silver White

Stand Height


Stand Bottom Width




Remote Controller

Infrared sensor decoding

Input Voltage


Charging Capability

Maximum 5V-2A

Retractable Sensor Cable

Minimum 19.6” clearance below counter

Remote control

Infrared sensor decoding


Rechargeable battery backup 3.7V 480MA

Alarm Condition

Cable or sensor is cut,disconnected or removal

Indicator Light

Charging in red,LED blue flashes when alarming


Alarm stays on the device,no false alarms,100-105 dB alarm

Alarm Duration

Alarm will stop 1 minute later

Alarm Indication

LED red flashes

Working Environment

(-10℃ ~ 50℃) RF≤95%

Product Name:
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1)Mobile phone power & alarm display stand with clamp
2)Accurately display how many times your products have been picked up by customers by a screen
3)With 3M adhensive tape connecting the samples which effectively prevent showing products from being stolen in exhibition, supermarket and shops,
4)Allowing customers to take the sample on hands and try it freely
5) Magnet in shell let the displaying items return in place accurately and quickly
6) Reduce costs: the cost of shop space saving, sales personnel costs, cost management, and other aspects
7)Mainly designed for secure displays of live merchandises like mobile phones, mp3/mp4, PDA, GPS, ang other valuable product
8)Secure&neat displays of merchandises, interactions between consumers and merchandises are realized with this product,thus better promote sales of open merchandises.

The security alarm display holder will alarm in following conditions:
1) Circuit break resistance
2) Short circuit resistance
3) Other circuit-replacing resistance
4) Prying and cutting resistance
5) Remove the sensor
6) Cut the spring wire
7) Put out the connector
8) Put out power connector
9) When remove or pry the stand on the bottom
10)other conditions

Other features
Alarm status LED
Internal rechargeable back up battery
Advanced aesthetics and engineering
Security alarm stays on the device,1:1 security
Self-contained system (security,power up,alarm)
Adjustable strong metal clamp for your smartphone
Security solution for high theft merchandises on display
Easy installation,durable,user friendly,visually appealing
Complete merchandising flexibility
Enhance customer product interaction
Increases the profitability by decreasing theft
Creates a better consumer shopping experience
Elevate the displayed merchandise brand image

For further information,pls feel free to contact us!

Packing︰ 20PCS/CTN
Lead Time︰ 3DAYS

Payment Terms : T/T

Product Specification

Model Number : YOMO-E400
Color : White
Size : 66mmx100mm
Weight : 0.55KG/Set
  • Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper
  • Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper
  • Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper
  • Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper

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Classic Vertical Mobile Phone Display Security with Alarm and Gripper

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