Perkins OD19596 OE42873 OE46045 diesel filter

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Price USD 3 / Piece
HS Code OD19596
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Hebei Friend Filter Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hebei, China

Established: 2019

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Product information

Filter element filtration performance 1. Filtration precision: Filtration precision refers to the ability of filter materials to filter out particulate pollutants of different sizes.It is generally believed that the filtration accuracy is high and the life of the filter element is short.2. Pollution holding capacity The pollution holding capacity refers to the weight of the particulate pollution that a unit area of ​​the filter material can hold when the pressure drop of the filter material reaches the specified value during the test.The filter element hole is susceptible to the accumulation of particulate pollutants through the channel, which increases the pressure difference. When the pressure difference reaches the specified larger limit value, the service life is terminated.The more direct parameter reflection of the end of life of the filter element is that the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the filter element has reached the pressure at which the bypass valve is opened. At this time, the dirt holding capacity of the filter element has also reached a larger value. The dirt holding capacity is to increase the life of the filter element.3. In terms of the process parameters of the filter element, the wave height, the wave number and the filter area are changed under the premise that the shape of the filter element has been determined. Increase the dirt holding capacity of the entire filter element and improve the life of the filter element.By increasing the filter area of ​​the filter element, the service life of the filter element tends to increase faster. If the wave number increases too much, the crowded folding wave will reduce the hydraulic oil flow space between the waves, making the filter element pressure difference increase! Reach the filter element The time for the differential pressure alarm is short, and the service life is reduced.Generally, it is advisable to keep the wave spacing between 1.5-2.5mm.

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Product Specification

Model Number : OD19596
Size : 100mm
Weight : 1kg

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