Precision resistance Precision chip resistance Resistance

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Price USD 1 / Piece
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Pagooda Technology

Guangdong, China

Established: 2010

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Product information

Detailed description of precision chip resistors
Series: 0805
Resistance: 0R—500M 0Ω—22MΩ full range
Power: 1/20W—1W
Deviation: D=±0.5%, B=±0.1%

Product features of precision chip resistors
1. Resistance error is ±0.5%, temperature coefficient is ±50ppm/℃;
2. Small size and light weight;
3. Adapt to reflow soldering and wave soldering;
4. Stable electrical performance and high reliability;
5. The assembly cost is low, and it is matched with the automatic mounting equipment;
6. High mechanical strength and superior high-frequency characteristics;
7. Comply with ROHS directive requirements.
8. Application areas include handheld products, computer products, industrial and medical instruments, etc.

Sample Policy : Yes
Packaging Info : Plate mount

Product Specification

Model Number : 0805

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