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  • Location: Ma'addi, al-Balqa', Jordan
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Rabea Al Hosami (+962799080857)

    To whom it May concern, Mariam Medjool Dates Farms, headquartered in Jordan, announces the availability of large quantities of Medjool dates during the next month at the earliest (the 2022 season), of all sizes and grades of quality, classified automatically or manually according to the importer's request, packed in 5 kg. Carton boxes or any other boxes requested by the...

  • Location: Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Kenneth Darweshi (+254789148175)

    Bremis CO. LTD is a leading processor and supplier of Sisal fiber, Sunflower oil, tea, coffee, cut flowers, and vegetables for sale from Kenya. We supply all varieties of sisal fiber ranging from sisal fiber ug grade, sisal fiber SSUG grade, sisal. Other manufactured products we distribute are Kenyan tea, sugar, rice and sunflower oil.

  • Location: Kampala, Central, Uganda
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Digital Moisture Meters Company Uganda (+256705577823)

    Grain moisture meters are tools that help you measure the moisture content in different grains, before, during, and after harvest. Measuring the moisture content of your grains helps you know whether your grains are dry enough. Knowing the moisture content of your grains is important because the high moisture content in grains leads to mold growth and aflatoxin contamination which...

  • Location: New Providence, Bahamas The
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. mohamed kudrath (+12426575829)

    The company is local and international importer of editable oil and agriculture products such as onions and garlic ..from many countries in Asia.. including china and Malaysia Indonesia and we'll south America..Brazil and Argentina 

  • Location: Freetown, Western, Sierra Leone
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Farming Machinery
    Contact Person: Mr. Massey Ferguson Sierra Leone (+2322355582345)

    Massey Ferguson Sierra Leone provides the best quality tractors and farm implements in the country , in order to meet the agricultural demands of our local farmers in Sierra Leone. Our tractor company in Sierra Leone is keen on simplifying farmers’ lives by providing all agricultural solutions in the shape of quality Massey Ferguson Tractors and farming equipment under one...

  • Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Cereal
    Contact Person: Mr. Abhishek (+919589242568)

    We are Max Superfood a budding superfood FMCG from India. We are dedicated to introduce to the new and healthy alternative grains by providing easy availability of superfoods. Therefore, we are looking for new suppliers who can help us in procuring quality raw materials. The Max superfood has vision to reach to 1 million Indian Homes. Looking to grow more...

  • Location: Chilanga, Lusaka, Zambia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agro Chemicals
    Contact Person: Mr. Luigi Rosen (+260972874925)

    We here at LUNIX INVETMENTS LIMITED are committed to operating responsibly and ethically - across all the sectors we serve. We are committed to shielding all aspects of the environment which could be negatively impacted by the activities we undertake. We ensure our relationships are with suppliers and customers whom have responsible and transparent business practices.  We review and develop...

  • Location: Vijayapura, Karnataka, India
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agriculture Product Stocks
    Contact Person: Mr. Satish patil (+919113983458)

    Our Firm Patil Enterprises is located in Vijaypur city, Karnataka state, India. It is established in the year 1997 and has been engaged in the Trading of Agricultural Equipment, Dairy Equipment, Farm mechanization Implements, Plant protection Equipment, Solar flytraps, Drip Irrigation, Water supply products, and so on.We cater to the category of Individual farmers, Govt departments, Dealers, Associations, Dairy farms...

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  • Location: Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Ms. Gala (+34605998654)

    We produce and sell olive oil in Spain, we also trade agricultural products along the way: urea 46% (produced in San Salvador), cane sugar ICUMSA45 (Brazil), sunflower oil (South Africa/Brazil). We are looking for suppliers of our products. Sincerely yours, Gala Director.

  • Location: Voronezh, Voronezh, Russia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Alexander (+709202134457)

    We are a trading and export company from Russia, engaged in the sale and supply of natural resources, agricultural products and food products for export from the Russian Federation. We offer high quality products. We cooperate directly with the best factories in Russia.We offer:Oil and oil products.Liquefied natural gas.Natural coal.Mineral fertilizers.Food:- Clean drinking water.- Buckwheat.- Wheat flour.- Beet sugar.- Sunflower...

  • Location: Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Ayman Elsayed (+201120038949)

    We are a Producer, Packer, and Exporter of Citrus, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Our prime range includes several kinds of exporter of Citrus, Fresh fruits & vegetables, and our main products are Citrus, Dates, strawberry, grapes, pomegranate, and other kinds of fruit and vegetables.The main range of products has been specially developed to meet the needs of our potential clients, We...

  • Location: Madinat San'a, Yemen
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agriculture Products Processing
    Contact Person: Mr. Nabil (+967775890980)

    We are company which dedicated in export and import. We produce and sell prickly pear oil. We buy and sell many products. Agriculture products and othersOur location is in Yemen based in Sana'aWe looking to buyer for prickly pear oil from global market to sell them our products 

  • Location: Doha, Doha, Qatar
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Beans & Grains
    Contact Person: Mr. Alharith (+97455541486)

    Our goal is to serve our customers in the most exceptional and professional way possible because we believe that once they are satisfied with our service they will continue to maintain this relationship for many years to come.Our ServicesWith our ever increasing huge database of certified suppliers we provide first rate products from trustworthy manufacturers and producers worldwide.Our PhilosophyWe believe...

  • Location: Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Farming Machinery
    Contact Person: Mr. Tractors Zambia (+2603497163002) is a tractor and farm equipment provider company, working in Zambia to encourage the use of technologically advanced farm equipment in this agricultural country. With tobacco, coffee, tea, cashew nuts, and cotton as some of the major exports, Zambia is heavily dependent on its agricultural sector for the growth of GDP and the overall economy of the country.

  • Location: Moskovskaja Oblast, Russia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Agribusiness
    Contact Person: Mr. Dmitrii Baikov (+709636780848)

    We produce and export a wide range of animal feeds such as:• Alfalfa hay/pellets;• Wheat bran;• Beet pulp;We work with ecologic products of Russian farmers (including from Siberia region).As well, we are trading a wide range of agriculture products

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