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  • Location: al-Hawiyah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Mohamed (+966563050702)

    Buy charcoal product of different quality, vegetable and fruit from India, Indonesia, Pakistan and looking for top supplier who have quality standard  this account is for testing purposes, so no real communication required till further upadte is done to this section.

  • Location: Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Business Category: Energy & Power Generators
    Contact Person: Mr. Rayes vano (+6281214903589) | A to Z Quality Tools Equipment. Our selection of products proves it, with a great lineup of generators, pressure washers, power tools, hand tools, air compressors, welders, material handling equipment and more from the top brands. But our selection doesn’t stop there. We also design, build, test and deliver an extensive selection of world-class products made right in...

  • Location: Jawa Timur, Indonesia
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Wahyu Hidayat (+6281331459300)

    AMERTA JAYA NUSWANTARA is an Indonesian company that produces high-quality charcoal. We have the capacity to produce ready-to-export processed any types of charcoal products from Indonesia. We provide a large range ofgreat and best quality of charcoal that are willing to deliver around the world with safe packaging and shipping.

  • Location: Pastavy, Vicebsk, Belarus
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Ms. Natallia Radziuk (+375333958647)

    Mir Dubrav LLC is a producer of charcoal (birch, alder). Our company has been successfully developing in the European and Russian markets since 2019. Mir Dubrav LLC produces high quality charcoal. There are different options for packing the product: 3 kg, 4 kg, 8 kg, big bags - 200-250 kg, placer. The price depends on the volume.The products of Mir...

  • Location: Moscow, Moscow, Russia
    Business Category: Energy & Power Petroleum & Products
    Contact Person: Mr. Galushkin Denis Sergeevich (+709037726710)

    Limited Liability Compay Interoil is a Mandate to reputable end seller here in Russia, who is capable of supplying all your petroleum products we have been in Oil field for a decade and regularly sellling JP54, JET A1, D6, D2, EN590, LCO, MAZUT OIL, LPG, LNG.You can contact us directly to our e-maiil for a copy of sellers transaction and...

  • Location: al-Kuwayt, al-Kuwayt, Kuwait
    Business Category: Energy & Power Energy Saving Equipments
    Contact Person: Mr. Kimmco ISOVER (+96551214475)

    The "KIMMCO-ISOVER" brand is the result of the joint venture between Alghanim Industries and SAINT-GOBAIN in Kuwait Insulating Material Manufacturing Company S.A.K. (Closed) and  Saudi International Insulation Manufacturing Company.  We design, manufacture and distribute Glass Wool and Stone Wool insulation materials for building and industrial projects under the combined, KIMMCO-ISOVER brand. KIMMCO-ISOVER products provide solutions that make life more comfortable,...

  • Location: Binzhou, Shandong, China
    Business Category: Energy & Power Coal & Coke
    Contact Person: Ms. Alisa (+8618678332216)

    Incorporated in 2003, Shandong Gangda International Trading Co., Limited is an energy specialist enterprise, focusing on production and sales. Located in Zouping City of Shandong Province. Gangda coke occupies an area of 400 square kilometers and over 400 employees. The main products include foundry coke with three grades and metallurgical coke.Uploading the business philosophy “ to exist with quality, to...

  • Location: Tehran, Tehran, Iran
    Business Category: Energy & Power Petroleum & Products
    Contact Person: Ms. Pegah Zamanpour (+982146016897)

    We Behin Petro Fakhr Sanat are one of the leading companies of producing and supplying different kinds of petroleum and chemical products in Iran. We can supply following products and more: Paraffin Wax- Residue Wax- Slack Wax- RPO (Rubber Process Oil)- Base Oil (Virgin and Recycle)- Vaseline- Liquid Paraffin- Grease- Urea- Caustic Soda- Sodium Silicate- Labsa- MEG- DEG- TEG DRI...

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  • Location: Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran
    Business Category: Energy & Power Petroleum & Products
    Contact Person: Mr. Hassan Nasseri (+989168309562)

    We're supplier of 60/70 bitumen in190 kg Drum packing from Iran. Our proposal is Toknize our product facilities to our African customers. You can order in low quantity at least 5xDrum and pay by "TONCOIN" Digital Currency through "Telegram " Block-chain. We deliver of consignment by Container at CIF terms to all East & West Afrian ports by "Afritramp shipping service".

  • Location: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Jagu Suresh (+966533965005)

    Best Power Controls Middle East offers high-quality engineering and support services across a wide range of applications ranging from Low currents, High Voltage Equipments, Complete Data Center Solutions, Hospital Automation and Laboratory Solutions, Mechanical Systems etc to a wide range of customers throughout the region. We have registered offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Dubai, and market high-quality products with...

  • Location: Airmont, New York, United States
    Business Category: Energy & Power Petroleum & Products
    Contact Person: Mr. Kapo Kasanda (+19149126218)

    OUR MAIN FOCUS IS THE CRITICAL SECTORS OF WORLD ECONOMY:Crude Oil and petroleum productsMetal and miningAgriculture CommoditiesSolar/wind powered productsPartnering with us offers several key advantages:Direct relationship with major world exporters and importers without brokersAccess to latest information on availability and prices commoditiesCompetitive prices, terms and procedures

  • Location: Cerritos, California, United States
    Business Category: Energy & Power Petroleum & Products
    Contact Person: Mr. BENJAMIN PERKINS (+17622037506)

    We have products of JP54 JET A1 D2 D6 EN590 ULSD at the port Rotterdam and Houston we are specialists in offering a wide array of Petroleum Products that are sourced from best manufacturers and processing units from Russia. We can provide to you and your end buyer's as well We are waiting to hear from you ASAP.Kindly contact us...

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Md Raihan Sheikh (+8801718414391)

    Welcome to Ferrotech Transformers Ltd. Ferrotech is an Electro-Mechanical manufacturing facility set up in 1994. It was initially formed to cater to the the growing needs of of industrial support activity. In this endeavour, a number of carefully selected machinery and machine tools are brought in from Europe. A group of skilled workmen are are trained to perfection. All engineer...

  • Location: Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
    Business Category: Energy & Power Solar & Recycling Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Mayank Pandya (+9109909668288)

    We Are Manufacturing Packaging Material, as well farming in acres of land with various pulses and grains. Our mission is to aid individual and corporate entities to find the trustworthy (Efficient, Economical, Competitive, Serviceable) that fit their budget spaces and circumstances of need. We have been an experience for 10 Yrs now for a combined total of 12 years now and...

  • Location: Sanliurfa, Sanliurfa, Turkey
    Business Category: Energy & Power Alternative Energy
    Contact Person: Mr. Andre DUSHIMIRIMANA (+905061808722)

    Roza Energy is an importer and Exporter Company of Electric and Electronics Engineering products, Communication equipments, Processequipments, Agriculture, Textile, Automotive and Food products .We are located in Turkey.Our first principle of our job is being honest .Within the framework of honesty and repairing ability in export and import sector, Roza Energy aims at growing by further export activities based on...

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