• Location: Jawa Barat, Indonesia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Charcoal
    Contact Person: Mr. falidio Romadhoni (+6283198981662)

    Avericoco or Averi Solusindo Agribisnis is the trusted supplier of coconut products from Indonesia. We are a company engaged in coconut plantation and manufacturing various coconut products with best quality materials. Our partner as an experience small-medium enterprises in West and Central Java, had been experienced on coconut production and distribution for more than 20 years.In the beginning, our company...

  • Location: Kiev, Kyyiv, Ukraine
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Charcoal
    Contact Person: Ms. Lina Osipchuk (+380635359818)

    We want to produce for you our private charcoal factory in Ukraine, Kiev• Made from only natural hardwood, such as maple, oak, mesquite or even hickory.• Once the wood is reduced to charcoal, it’s left in its original rough shape. In fact, the best way to determine the quality of the charcoal is to look at it—if you can recognize...

  • Location: Morogoro, Morogoro, Tanzania
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Charcoal
    Contact Person: Mr. Remigius Mushenga (+255787933579)

    Ngerengere River Eco camp is based in Morogoro Tanzania.We are about 150km on the highway from Dar Es salaam to Morogoro and 45km from Morogoro.Our office is stationed in Bwawani. Morogoro region is considered to be the national food stock. Morogoro produces almost every agricultural product you may know. With other projects/activities at Ngerengere River Eco camp, we are also working with...

  • Location: Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Charcoal
    Contact Person: Mr. ero friday osamudiamen (+2347059283959)

    We have the pleasure of introducing Sunny Egerson Enterprises . We are reputable trading company with a cognate experiences in exporting of Charcoal wood, Kosso wood, Doussie wood and hard wood timber.We offer excellent services to our clients because we engage in quality and not quantity services and we are careful to satisfy the needs and the expectations of our...

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