• Location: Moscow, Moscow, Russia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Andrey Moskvin (+709997403715)

    Red Holt, LLC is a Russia-based commodity trading company headquartered in Moscow. Our key product is timber in various modifications: sawn wood, plywood, veneer, MDF, OSB, CB. We engage in trade providing wood materials from Russia for export to Asia and MENA by transporting lumber from our partners located in every corner of our wide country to supply our customers...

  • Location: Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Adit Kasim (+6282225155761)

    PT. Bumi Megah Sulawesi is a leading exporter of agricultural products from Indonesia. The company exports products such as red onion, green coffee bean, wide variety of spices and others. Leading exporter of Indonesian agricultural products who works with local farmers who lack market access to the global market while empowering buyers with extensive market intelligence for better decision-making.We only work...

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Tanvir islam (+8801708590406)

    Mojibur Timber & Saw Mill Ltd, one of the leading timber companies in Bangladesh, has been successfully operating timber business since 1988.We are determined to satisfy our valued customers and meet their expectations as much as possible.Mojibur Timber & Saw Mill Ltd was founded in 1988 by Mr. Md. Mojibur Rahman Sardar as a sole proprietorship named Mojibur Timber &...

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Md. Shaharul Islam (+88001717521867)

    We are one of the top Bangladeshi sourcing and selling oriented companies. We have a good connection with the export-oriented agriculture, organic foods, and manufacturers of ladies Saree, Single Kameez, Shalwar Kameez, Leggings, Palazzo, Shawl, Maxi in Bangladesh.We develop samples and monitor production, quality & shipment. We offer you competitive prices and output. For us, quality is the main thing...

  • Location: Akonolinga, Centre, Cameroon
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Rubert Williams (+237672802472)

    Ca.peninsula house import and export is a company of important timber producers oriented to respond effectively to the challenges of international trade.A dynamic business structure allows Ca.peninsula house import and export to stand out in the development and opening up of new markets. Most of our export products are made with radiata pine, widely known and in great demand abroad. Our...

  • Location: Delhi, Delhi, India
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Forestry
    Contact Person: Mr. Dharmesh Dutt Upamanyu (+917836000859)

    Forever Pure is one of the leading Exporter of India under the banner of 'Upamanyu Industries' with high-end expertise in producing, manufacturing, packaging & shipping world wide. We produce Natural Honey of different varieties like Multiflora, Mustard, Litchi, Eucalyptus, Acacia, Blackberry, Neem and many more produced from farming and plantation. Our honey & other products have been certified from FSSAI....

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