• Location: Aojiang, Zhejiang, China
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Ms. Tracy (+8615669139625)

    Ningbo Excellent New Materials Co Ltd is established in 2005. Holding by Hamag Investment Limited. is a company specialized in produce, research and develop laboratorychromatography consumables. Main products including various types of autosampler vials, caps, septa and so on. We were focus on China market and now start sale to overseamarkets. ‘Ningbo Excellent’ develop and research since 9 years ago,...

  • Location: Arlington, Texas, United States
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. osman (+12349102333)

    We supplies all good and original chemicals for cleaning of all notesKey Specifications/Special Features:SSD Supreme SolutionSSD Topix solutionSSD Castro X Oxide solution ForSSD Tourmaline solutionSSD Topix solutionSSD VECTROL PASTE solutionSSD TEBI-MANETIC solutionChemicals Agents Vectrol Paste SSD SOLUTIONSSD UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONSSD UNIVERSAL SOLUTION HUMINE POWDER CALTROX OXIDE TIATAMORINE

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. Antob (+8801812278351)

    Our company is one of Bangladesh’s trusted chemicals import and supplier company. We Import all kinds of Chemical Reagents & Raw materials specially in Pharmaceutical, Textile, Spinning, Washing, Dyeing & Printing sectors. Pharmaceutical Chemical, Lab Reagents, Soda ash, Acetic acid, Acetonitrail, Hydrogen Peroxide, Softener, Bleaching Powder, Alum, Enzyme, Apriton, Binder, Castisoda, Bleaching Powder, Anionic Polymer, Cataionic Polymer, etc.We also import...

  • Location: Sarigam INA, Gujarat, India
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. Bhimprasad Sharma (+919819947295)

    Our company “HPLC” (High Purity Laboratory Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.) that is involved in Manufacturing of Laboratory Chemicals & Reagents since 2009.We are catering to Educational Institutes, R&D Establishment, Government Institutes, Testing Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Pigments, Dyes Intermediate, Cosmetics & Perfumery, Dairy Products, Minerals & Metals, Agrochemicals, Foods, etc.Our Expertise –· More than 40 years' experience in Chemical Industry.·...

  • Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. SSD GLOBAL ALAB (+971529687074)

    We are direct manufacturer and main supplier of all kinds of chemicals which include SSD Solution ,Super Automatic Solution , Vectrol Paste and Tebi-Manetic Solution vect-oral paste,super auto and magnetic solution…etc With full recognition from the World wide Chamber of Commerce. We stands as a reliable supplier with reputable references for over 15 years into international trade.

  • Location: Anyang, Henan, China
    Business Category: Chemicals Lab Chemical
    Contact Person: Ms. Dorry (+8618135778330)

    Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd. is established with the goal of providing researchers with specialized instruments designed to meet their unique demands. We has grown into one of the material science market’s sources of quality instruments overseas. Although the work of the research community has changed quite a bit over the last years,Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd , through constant...

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