List of Popular Banks in Cameroon.

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  • Afriland First Bank opened its doors in Cameroon in 1987, under the name “Caisse Commune d’Epargne et d’Investissement” (CCEI). Its first branch was opened and became operational on July 1st, 1988 at the now Retraite Branch located in Yaounde.

    So far, the bank counts about forty (40) branches in the ten (10) regions of Cameroon despite the country’s unfavorable economic situation and the general tendency of banks to go bankrupt.

    Year Established : 1987
    Address : Immeuble Mahima, Boulevard du 20 Mai, Yaoundé, Cameroon
    Website :
  • Afriland First Bank is a Cameroonian commercial bank. It was founded by Paul Fokam, a Cameroonian entrepreneur and philanthropist. The bank has since expanded to several African countries and has become a leading financial institution in Africa.

    Year Established : 1997
    Address : Avenue El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :
  • BICEC is a leading commercial bank in Cameroon. It is a subsidiary of BPCE, a French banking group. BICEC has a network of branches across the country and offers a wide range of financial services.

    Year Established : 1962
    Address : 357 Avenue Ahmadou Ahidjo, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :
  • The Banque Populaire Group is accelerating the development of its intermediation and market activities, as well as its retail banking. With a hundred branches opening each year, the Group has the largest banking network to support its growth strategy. This arrangement has made it possible to significantly improve the collection of resources and corporate loans, supported by the new approach of the Banque Populaire in its relations and offerings dedicated to Corporate clients.

    In addition, the Group is significantly increasing its market share in the property loans and consumer loans categories, which are also benefiting from an upward trend.

    Year Established : 1974
    Address : 1102 Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :
  • Crédit Agricole Mutuel du Cameroun is a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Group, a French banking group. The bank provides a range of financial services to individuals and corporate clients in Cameroon.

    Year Established : 1974
    Address : Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :,cameroun
  • Ecobank Cameroon is part of the Ecobank Group, a leading pan-African banking group. The bank has a focus on SMEs and has a network of branches across the country.

    Year Established : 1986
    Address : 688, Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :
  • The Bank was established in 1915 as a Branch of the Bank of British West Africa. The name was changed in 1965 and became Standard Bank of West Africa (SBWA) Cameroon. In 1974, the SBWA branch closed in Cameroon.

    Standard Chartered Bank acquired a majority shareholding, controlling interest in Boston Bank Cameroon in 1986. Six years after the merger, Standard Chartered Cameroon acquired certain assets of the former bank BCC Cameroon S.A.

    Year Established : 2002
    Address : Immeuble Benoît Moundélé, Boulevard de la Liberté, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :
  • Present in Cameroon for five decades, Société Générale Cameroun's expertise is based on a team of attentive advisors dedicated to customer satisfaction and offers a complete and diverse range of products and services as well as an innovative multichannel platform. Société Générale Cameroun is a bank that is fully integrated into the Cameroonian economy to serve Cameroon and Cameroonians.

    With 650 employees and 44 branches spread across Cameroon, Société Générale Cameroun places accessibility and proximity at the heart of its commitment and daily actions. Société Générale Cameroun teams standby their 245 000 customers to support them over the long term, with customized solutions.

    Year Established : 1959
    Address : Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Douala, Cameroon
    Website :