Aquatic Products

  • Location: 24 Parganas (n), West Bengal, India
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Aquatic Products
    Contact Person: Mr. Somnath Bhattacharyya (+9109331739435)

    We are SRS Enterprise, a company that specializes in the production and supply of freshwater ‘’live fish seeds ’’ ‘’spawn’’ and ‘’live ornamental fish’’. We have been in the FISH business for the last 17 years, and our very experienced staff has been involved with Fish production and supply for more than said years, domestically. We are currently a major...

  • Location: Bangladesh
    Business Category: Agro & Agriculture Aquatic Products
    Contact Person: Mr. Iftekhar Hasan Bappy (+8801926187313)

    We produce ornamental fish from our farm. We also buy products from 3rd parties and supply to our customers. Additionally we supply aquatic plants in the market. We also produce ready designed aquariums by catalogue. We also import, export products.We are the fastest ornamental fish trader in Khulna, Bangladesh

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