Leather Chemical

  • Location: Liaocheng, Shandong, China
    Business Category: Chemicals Leather Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. Justin Kang (+8615006370506)

    LUXI Group is a municipal and state-owned enterprise. In May of 1998, Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was founded and went public at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  With a total asset of 30.1 billion RMB and over 11,000 employees, LUXI Group is involved in many industrial fields such as coal chemical, fluorine and silicon chemical, new material,fertilizer,R&D,as well as Chemical Equipment, Chemical...

  • Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Business Category: Chemicals Leather Chemical
    Contact Person: Mr. Arun Gupta (+919838988888)

     We are a manufacturer of leather dyes since 2006, we have catered Indian market with full satisfaction of our customers. We are specialized in Nigrosine Black of all grades and have a production of 15 MT/M. we had served various reputed customers to their satisfaction. We are now diversifying under the above mentioned name into exports of various high quality...

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